Tey Jon Sornet

Tey Jon Sornet

If I need to bounce ideas or advice about anything, I talk with TJ. Whether it’s career, finance, travel, real estate, stocks, child rearing, or family matters, TJ is the guy I consult with. I always appreciate our conversations. No, he is not my therapist, career counselor, nor financial advisor. TJ is a software engineer, in fact. One of the most reflective, insightful, and humble human being I know.

So I decided to interview Tey Jon Sornet.

Tey Jon Sornet

Software Engineer

Tey Jon Sornet
Tey Jon Sornet

What is your definition of success?

Success is having a happy home as a result of (1) providing for my family, (2) guiding my children and (3) giving them the necessary tools to achieve the same for their future family.

How do you measure success?

I measure success by my ability to take care of my loved ones and see them succeed in life. If I am able to do that, then I am successful. I get a sense of pride when I see my children accomplish amazing things and seeing happiness reflected in their faces.

What did important people tell you about success?

Not so much by telling me, but by demonstrating how they’ve become successful themselves. Whether it is seeing them work hard at their jobs or studies, being a good parent to their kid(s), being a good husband/wife to their significant other, or being a guide to the next generation important people in my life have shown me how to be successful. To me, they’ve all become successful just by doing.

Where were you born and raised?

Manila, Philippines

What was your upbringing like?

I was not raised in a very strict household. There was a lot of trust and support from my parents knowing that I will do the right thing.

As far back as you can remember, what was your very first experience of feeling successful?

I received a reading award in kindergarten.

What is your most defining personality or trait? (i.e., introvert, extrovert, easygoing, organized, natural leader, etc.)

I am a quiet person.

What qualities do you believe contributed to your success?

I am a good listener and problem solver.

What is your occupation/career?

Software Engineer

What made you choose that occupation/career?

Failure did. I left a stable job and tried becoming a business owner. It failed miserably, so I went back to the workforce because I had to keep providing for my family. Then one day, I saw a post from a friend showing how he completed a coding bootcamp and then got hired as a software engineer (talk about being SUCCESSFUL!). I was inspired and decided to follow his path.

I’ve always loved to write code ever since I was introduced to it in high school. I was a Computer Science major in college but never really got into the industry. The coding bootcamp was a real turning point for me and it made everything click. I was able to leverage my performance in the bootcamp into a software engineering role and I’ve been very grateful ever since. But I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now if I hadn’t taken a risk with starting that failed business. So I’m thankful for that experience and to the path that it led me to.

In one sentence, what do you do for work?

I solve problems.

Where did you attend school/college/training?

Mission College, CSU Eastbay, Coding Dojo

Who are your inspirations growing up?

Mom and Dad

Favorite success quote

“Failure is an opportunity to move yourself in a different direction” – Oprah (SGN Graduation episode)

What is your advice for others who want to succeed in life?

Life is too short to fill it with hate and regret; therefore, always be happy and thankful.

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