Money is Freedom

Alright, pinoys! I’m coming at you fast and I’m screaming: MONEY IS FREEDOM! GO GET IT. Whatever notion you have about money being evil and NOT a source of happiness is misguided and not going to help you or your offsprings. Make money. Invest in index funds. Amass wealth.

Money is Freedom

Don’t disregard money! Don’t say it’s not important, because you live in this matrix and money is used to exchange goods, services, and experiences. Unless you live in an island alone, or locked up in a room, you can’t avoid the influence and impact of money in all of us. You need money to live and thrive in this world.

MONEY IS IMPORTANT. It allows you to buy things and experiences you want and need to live an enjoyable life. Even if you say experiences are more important than money, you still need money to create those experiences. You need money to buy food, pay for shelter, and drive to your friend’s house.

MONEY IS POWERFUL. It allows you to help your loved ones, impact the lives of others, and feel security and have peace of mind. Money is powerful because you can design an experience, have options on what to experience, and—yes—avoid negative experiences.

Maybe your parents never taught you about money. You and your partner have never discussed the importance of money. But now that you’re reading this, learn to make money, invest money, and amass wealth, because—say it with me—MONEY IS FREEDOM!

(Note: check out my financial literacy resource blog post to learn about financial literacy and my resources recommendation to get you started on a solid path to financial independence.

Can you do things without money? Maybe. But it’s going to be a hard. You’ll be exhausted trying to make things happen without money. I tried. I learned. I refuse to make that naive mistake again.

Money is freedom.

~ Kent

What are your thoughts about money? What aspects of your life are limited due to lack of money? What have you done to create financial security? Leave a comment below.

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