Mitzi Laguda Lim

Mitzi Laguda Lim

My family arrived in Cebu Mactan International Airport one bright morning in 2018. A private SUV picked us up and took us to a spacious condo across a huge shopping mall. The driver informed us that dinner will be at Isla Sugbu at the Cebu Grand Convention Center.

That evening, my family and I met with my first cousin and her family. I’ve known her since we were young. Her mother, my aunt and older sister to my mom, welcomed me to live with them for several years when I was a kid.

Since moving to the US, I witnessed from a distance the relentless rise of the hardest working entrepreneur I know: Mitzi Laguda Lim.

Mitzi Laguda Lim


Mitzi Laguda Lim

What is your definition of success?

Success is when I have achieved my goals and vision in life. At the center of that vision is my family. So I work hard everyday to provide for my family; and when I see my husband and kids happy—and I feel their love and care for me—then I’ve achieved my vision and that is success.

How do you measure success?

To achieve my goals and vision in life, I must be relentless in my pursuit. But I don’t measure success by how hard I work, how late I stay up at night, nor how many deals I close; rather, I measure success by how many times I bounce back from failure. The more I get back up, the more I’m able to provide for my family.

What did important people tell you about success?

I get different views from many people. Some measure success based on fame, wealth and status. I supposed I have subscribe to that way of thinking in the past, but it’s not the most important to me now.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Cebu City. I was raised in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

What was your upbringing like?

I had a happy childhood. My parents loved me and my brothers dearly. And because they lived simply, practiced frugality, and worked very hard, they were able to provide us with everything we need.

As far back as you can remember, what was your very first experience of feeling successful?

I can’t pinpoint the “experience”, but I do remember the feeling. It was a feeling of pride and joy. All I could think of after was to work harder to get more of that “successful” feeling.

What is your most defining personality or trait? (i.e., introvert, extrovert, easygoing, organized, natural leader, etc.)

I am easygoing and simple. I am also calm and steady. People have said that I lead naturally.

What qualities do you believe contributed to your success?

There are usually a combination of qualities (or factors) that contribute to a person’s overall success. For me, I like to work alone so I can focus on one task at a time. I’m also very consistent, continuing and persisting what I think is right. That requires drive, self-confidence, and patience. All of those combined contributed to my success.

What is your occupation/career?


What made you choose that occupation/career?

I did not choose my career per se. I ended up starting a business because I realized that working for someone—and depending on a set salary—was not enough to support my vision for myself and my family. Also, early in my life, I had wanted to experience owning some nice things. That has changed at this stage in my life.

I now want to serve my community rather than having all the material things. But serving my community is an even grander vision that requires the scalability of a business. Hence, I shall continue to be a businesswoman.

In one sentence, what is your business?

We supply medicines and medical supplies for the Visayas region.

Where did you attend school/college/training?

La Consolacion College

Who were your inspirations growing up?

My parents were my inspiration.

Favorite success quote

“Make it Happen!” This is my own personal mantra of success

What is your advice to others who want to succeed in life?

Dream big, be passionate, and have some guts. Always work hard. You don’t have to love what you’re doing all the time, sometimes tasks/responsibilities are given and you just have to accept it. Somewhere along the way opportunities will be presented to you. You must seize it then. Have guts and give it all you got!

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