Fun Indoor Activities During Shelter In Place Order

While a shelter in place order sounds like an inconvenience—or worse—endless boredom at home, it is an opportunity for self-reflection, to take care of yourself, and be present with your family. Yes, you are stuck indoor, but there are lots of fun indoor activities during a shelter in place order that will make you more productive and create a better you when this pandemic is over. Here are my suggestions…

Fun Indoor Activities During ‘Shelter in Place’

Learn to Code (Computer Programming)

Learn to Code

Challenge yourself and set a goal to develop a website, an app, or a program. If you are an absolute beginner to coding, learn HTML and CSS to create dynamic websites. I learned HTML by watching this tutorial by Traversy Media titled HTML Crash Course for Beginners. The best free resource out there is a non-profit organization called Free Code Camp, which provides a very user-friendly interface. But if you prefer learning on your smartphone, check out this free learn-to-code app called Grasshopper. If you’re a gamer and you like to learn through game style format, then check out CodeCombat. If, like me, you love YouTube, there are tons of free coding tutorials. All you have to do is watch and follow them! Check out LearnCode.academcy for endless coding tutorials from HTML to Python.

Improve Your Makeup Skills

Here is a list by Fashion magazine of YouTube’s best makeup tutorial: Knowing how to put on great makeup can boost up yourself confidence. While you are mostly indoor nowadays, when this shelter in pace order is lifted, you’ll be ready to put yourself with a new look and new makeup skills. I don’t ever underestimate the power of putting on a great makeup. Women are more confident, more self-assured, and more presentable when they wear makeup. Just as we men feel good when we put on a nice cologne and fix our hair with that American Crew gel, women have their way of feeling good and looking good too.

Learn a New language

My wife and I bought our tickets to Japan in June. The likelihood of that trip pushing through is slim at his time because of the virus ravaging the whole world but… once this pandemic is over? We’re off to Japan. It’s going to happen because I’ve been wanting to go for many years now. But what we’re stuck indoor during this shelter in place order, what a good time to learn Japanese! If you’re into podcast, then all you have to do is download a podcast app and search any language you like to learn. I can almost guarantee it, you’ll find a language out there. But if you prefer a structured learning with exercises and stages, then download the Duolingo App. Duolingo is the leader of language learning Apps. From Spanish to Japanese, from beginner to advance level, Duolingo provides a fun and easy way to learn a new language. Of course, just like most things in life, there are plenty of other options. One of my favorite language learning App is Memrise. Similar to Duolingo, it has a fun game approach to language learning.

Learn New Cooking Recipes

If you want to make your loved ones, or anyone, happy, all you have to do is cook for them. I know my wife really appreciates when something smells good when she comes home. Am I a great cook? Not by any measure, but there are hundreds of cooking recipe blogs/websites out there such as Bon Apetit ( I don’t have to be a good cook. I just need to follow instructions well. I suggest you google your favorite dish and try cooking one of the many recipes that come up. From Gordon Ramsey’s cooking demonstrations to chef-turn-vlogger, you’ll find them online. Here is Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Guide to Simple Supper. My two favorite YouTube channels related to cooking are: Sam the Cooking Guy and You Suck at Cooking. Have you heard of Instant Pot? We have a small one and we are loving it. Cooking with the Instant Pot is easy. All you have to do is add all the ingredients, saute them a little, and then pressure cook them on the Instant Pot. Ahh, the joy of cooking with Instant Pot!

Play Board Games with Family and Friends

Bring back memories by taking out the classic board games

You are presented with an amazing opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your parents, grandparents, siblings, and/or roommates, and strengthen those relationships. When was the last you played Monopoly? Bring back memories by taking out that dusty board game under your bed. Those childhood favorites such as Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Scattegories, Battleships, Checkers, and Chess are called classic for a reason: they don’t lose their fun!

Read a New Book

Whether fiction or nonfiction, or finish that book you stopped reading before the start of the semester. Checkout your local library or buy cheaper eBook versions of the latest New York Times bestseller. You can even listen to a book read to you on (monthly subscription fees apply). If you want to read a book that can be finished in one sitting, check out some of my all time favorites: Tuesdays with Morrie, If Cats Disappear from the World, The Four Agreements, and The Alchemist.

Learn to Meditate

If you are a naturally anxious person like me, meditation makes a big difference; especially before a presentation or going on social events. Because we’re not allowed to attend social events for fear of getting sick, going to a meditation center is not an option. Guess what, you don’t need to be anywhere to start meditating. Download one of the best reviewed meditation Apps to get started: Headspace, Calm, or Insight Timer.

Start an Origami Collection

Origami is the art of folding paper

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. What I love about Origami is that they can be functional, not just decorative. You can create an Origami for your office desk, whether you want a box to put small pins or a gift box to incase a gift, an Origami is cheap and cute. Check out this YouTube video “36 Simple Origami Ideas that Will Solve All Your Problems” for inspirations! My challenge for you is to create a bunch of Origami and post them on social media. Oh, don’t forget the hashtag: #thrivingfilipino

Make Positive and Uplifting Videos

All you need is your smartphone to create a mini movie

Creating a mini movie is so easy nowadays. All you need is your smartphone and a couple of basic skills. I was inspired by a Vlogger named Casey Neistat who has over 4 million subscribers in his YouTube channel. Casey is a one-man show. He started making home videos documenting his observation and life experiences in New York. Then Nike saw his videos and hired him to create a commercial video for one of its product. For inspiration, watch that video here. You don’t need an expensive camera to make videos that can inspire others on social media. Check out “How to Make YouTube Video on Your Phone START to FINISH. I dare you to create an uplifting short video and tag me at #thrivingfilipino so we can all see them

Draw, Paint, or write a poem

Get in touch with your artistic side

We all have an artist within. Being forced to stay indoor is almost a blessing in disguise for me, because we can dig deep within ourselves instead of pursuing materials things outside. And digging deep within means getting in touch with other aspects of ourselves such as our artistic side. Let me tell you that you know how to draw. You learned to draw, paint, and write growing up. It was called kids’ curriculum. All kids start with this curriculum. I know because I have a toddler and art is how he learns. So get in touch with that inner artist. You don’t have to be good, you just need to be able to convey emotions in your art for it to be impactful. It could be a stick figure comic strip but with a message to share with the world. Or it could be a heartfelt poem you write about humanity overcoming tragedy. If they can touch people, they are art. I dare you to take a picture of your art and post it on social media. Hashtag #thrivingfilipino so we can all witness.

Now get started! This shelter in place order is going to last at least a month—if not longer. You can do a lot in a month. You can even gain mastery in whatever you decide to practice consistently and persistently.

Good luck!

Being stuck indoor during a shelter in place order is also a good time to start researching a career, if you’re still undecided or want to explore other options: How to Choose the Right Career

How to Choose the Right Career

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