Edward Timothy Nubla

Edward Timothy Nubla

I met Tim for the first time when he was the Fulbright scholar at Skyline College, San Bruno, CA in 2016. I’ve always appreciated Tim’s relaxed attitude while also very intense (committed) when pursuing his goals. That’s my impression of him. I remember one time he said that he is able to survive on only $20 a week living in expensive Bay Area, California.

Edward Timothy Nubla’s intensity and focus is infectious. Whether it was completing his PhD, starting a side business, province hopping in the philippines, or traveling around the world, he commits to them fully. He is most definitely a person living his life to the fullest. Tim can speak Ilonggo, Cebuano, Tagalog, English, and… Mandarin.

Edward Timothy Nubla, PhD


Tim Nubla
Edward Timothy Nubla

What is your definition of success?

To live your dreams, no matter how simple they are.

How do you measure success?

Each year, I gauge whether I am a better person in anyway. If I am, then I succeeded that year. Slowly but surely. Just don’t walk backwards.

What did important people tell you about success?

People have said that life is like rowing a boat against the currents. You simply paddle harder. My father taught me that; which he also got from someone.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Manila, raised “myself” in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental and, occasionally, grew old in Cebu City.

What was your upbringing like?

I grew up mostly alone. This is due to various circumstances. All the people at home are preoccupied with something else. This taught me to be mature too early. Likewise, it taught me to be quite independent.

As far back as you can remember, what was your very first experience of feeling successful?

To be honest, my dreams in life—especially when I was younger—were too easy to achieve. My first feeling of success was when I finally got a place I was renting for 1500 PhP (30 USD) all for myself. You should know that it’s not the best environment to live in, but the feeling of finally making it on my own was just something.

What is your most defining personality or trait? (i.e., introvert, extrovert, easygoing, organized, natural leader, etc.)

I might get into trouble for this. But, whatever. I am really introverted. I don’t like crowds. I actually get headaches if I have to be social with more than 3 people. I try to cope, of course. I am very strict with myself and with what I need to do. I can’t say I am easy-going but I have learned to relax a bit. I would like to think I can work well as a leader but that is yet to be tested.

What qualities do you believe contributed to your success?

As much as possible, keep your words. There are times we might fail, but try your best to make it up. Honor other people’s time.

What is your occupation/career?


What made you choose that occupation/career?

I love reading and I love Literature. This brought me to become an English major.

In one sentence, what do you do for work?

I teach, yes, but I’d like to think I am seeding love for Literature among students.

Where did you attend school/college/training?

  • BSE major in English (UST Manila)
  • MAT major in English (DLSU Manila)
  • PhD in English major in Literature (USJR Cebu)
  • Certificate in Chinese Language (BLCU Beijing)
  • Former Fulbright Fellow (Skyline College, San Bruno, California)

Who are your inspirations growing up?

I honestly can’t think of any, but my father taught me to be a better person.

Please share your favorite success quote.

“There is no success without love and travel”. ~ I said this

What is your advice for others who want to succeed in life?

Aim to be a better person than before. Always, always be kind.

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