My name is Kent

My Son and I

I am a father, a husband, and a part-time college counselor. I used to work full-time. I taught personal development courses and counseled college students. But when our son was born, my wife and I decided that I be the full-time parent.

I am also an immigrant to the United States. I came with my entire family when I was only 15 years old on January 18, 1996. I have been in the United States longer than I have been in the Philippines. But, I still call Cebu—a small island in the Central Philippines—my home. We speak Bisaya and Tagalog at home.

So, originally, when I first started this blog, my focus was on personal development or self-improvement. But then I realized that I am mostly giving advice and I didn’t like my tendency to be self-righteous. So I stopped.

About My Blog Now

I stopped writing about personal advice mainly because I realized, while running around Lake Chabot’s 9-mile loop, that I actually have other interests. I like to dig deep into the history of something, the origin of this and that, and how things came to be. For example, I’m interested in the World Happiness Index that ranked Denmark as the happiest country in the world. I also want to understand what a virus is and the pandemics that occurred in the past. But I also want to learn how Japanese minimalism came about.

I have a lot of interest as you can tell. So get ready! I might end up like Tim Urban from Wait Buy Why who, although not consistent with publishing blogs, provides super long form worth-the-wait articles when he does put something out. I probably won’t be as awesome as him though, because, frankly, I’m a bit lazy and distracted. But I will post something fascinating and—hopefully—useful.


At the end of Spring 2018, I took off my full-time counselor hat and put on my full-time dad sombrero. I became a full-time dad, dedicating my time and energy to being the best dad. But my desire to produce something of value, to share knowledge, wisdom, and interesting information that I learned, is so strong that I decided to start this blog in December 2019. Of course, my family is my priority; but researching, learning, and writing is equally meaningful and fulfilling. This blog is my passion project.

So that’s it! If you would like to reach out, just email me at kent@thrivingfilipino.com.