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My name is Kent

The Gomez Family

I am a father and a husband. When our son was born, my wife and I decided that I’ll be the full-time parent. Somewhere between my wife laboring and when Gabriel finally slept in his little hospital crib, I had an epiphany: be the best husband to Grace and father to Gabriel. That is my “ONE Thing”. My lifetime goal.

To that end, I’m on a mission: to interview Filipinos from all walks of life who are thriving and succeeding. I will learn from them and document their story so Gabriel can also learn from them.

When I have some free time, usually during early mornings or late nights, I work on this passion project called Thriving Filipino.

What I’m doing now

About Thriving Filipino

Thriving Filipino is a collection of profiles of Filipinos from all walks of life from around the world. They share their stories, the factors that influenced their lives, and what they’ve done to succeed in whatever they’re pursuing.

If you would like to connect with me, please email me: