February 23, 2020


A Guide for Filipino American College Students

Why Filipino American College Students

Many Filipino American college students are not really asking for encouragement and inspiration. They have enough of those already! They don’t want to hear abstract advice like “find your passion” and “have some guts”. Instead, they want practical advice. They want concrete steps to get things done in their lives. For example, they want to know the steps to enroll in a community college, or steps to effectively prepare for a job interview; or, how to realistically increase their retirement funds! They are asking: “what is the process? What actions can I take now!?” If you are that person, then this blog is for you.

If you are a Filipino American college student, this blog is for you. I will give you that step-by-step guidance. I will guide you in the right direction. My advice and recommendations are based on what worked in my life and of others who are better than me. I will share with you the strategies of those who overcame seemingly insurmountable barriers, real stories of Filipinos who are thriving today. You can then apply them to improve your situation today.